PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane on from Both Sides

from BOTH SIDES is a new television show which began production in January 2015. It is a spin-off of the Center's Behind the Headlines television program.

from BOTH SIDES features a dynamic team of women discussing and providing insights into both political and civic events affecting the lives of women throughout Pennsylvania. Regular features include political issues affecting the lives of Pennsylvania families, with perspectives from various political philosophies, women and family health and wellness, life stages and guidance, education, meaningful volunteer and community opportunities, and pertinent social issues affecting all Pennsylvanians. Guests include elected officials, public policy makers, authors and experts in a variety of fields.

from BOTH SIDES is hosted by Dr. Michele Sellitto, past president of the PA Federation of Democratic Women and educational and political consultant.

This week's guest is Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania's Attorney General.

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PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane on from Both Sides
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