About Us

Mission Statement

The Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization that stresses that government in Pennsylvania - and government leaders in the Commonwealth - should focus on accountability, efficiency, and responsibility in providing government services and in public service. The Center places special emphasis on free market principles, the role of servanthood, and the responsibilities of citizenship that form the foundation of our political structure.

Major Focus of the Susquehanna Valley Policy Center

The Center’s major avenue to achieve this mission is through the use of the media in Pennsylvania and being a direct conduit for providing the conservative, pro-free enterprise message directly to the citizens of the Commonwealth. Holding government and societal leaders accountable is accomplished by the use of various media outlets including cable television, the Internet, Internet radio, and strategic print media placements. Additionally, policy reports and analysis provided by the Center which stress that government services should be provided in an efficient and fiscally and societal responsible manner are also produced.

For information e-mail us or contact (717) 471-3513.


Charles E. Greenawalt II, Ph.D.

Dr. Charles E. Greenawalt II, Ph.D. serves as the Senior Fellow of The Susquehanna Valley Center's Edward H. Arnold Institute for Policy Studies overseeing all research projects that the Center undertakes. He is also co-host of the Center's Behind the Headlines television program.

Before serving with the Susquehanna Valley Center, Dr. Greenawalt brought over six years of experience in the non-profit field previously serving as the senior policy associate for a statewide think tank.

He also has taught at the university level for over 25 years, and is a retired Government Professor from Millersville University in Millersville, PA where he has served as the the Assistant Director of Millersville University's Center for Politics and Public Affairs. Previously he was the Policy Director for the Pennsylvania Senate for seven years and earlier served as the Director of Community Development for Greene County, Virginia.

David A. Atkinson
David A. Atkinson is an Associate of The Susquehanna Valley Center. He authors policy reports and also is a writer and producer for the Center's Rediscovering Pennsylvania's Historymakers television program.

He previously served on the staff of the Pennsylvania Senate for 35 years. He is a graduate of Shippensburg University.

Clifford Frick
Clifford Frick serves as Administrative Director and manages day-to-day operations of The Susquehanna Valley Center. He is the producer of the Center's Behind the Headlines television program and also authors some of the Center's policy briefs. He has over 35 years of non profit and public policy think tank experience.

He previously worked as the Director of Publications for a Washington, DC think tank and later served as Director of Communications and Development for a statewide think tank in Pennsylvania.

Prior to his non-profit experience, he worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's Office of Legislative Liaison.

Maura Donley
Maura Donley serves as co-host for the Susquehanna Valley Center public affairs television program Behind the Headlines. Maura specializes in media relations, social media, corporate communications and public relations work, Maura manages her own communications firm in Mechanicsburg, PA. and has extensive experience in state government and the private sector. Previously Maura spent 11 years as an executive and corporate officer at the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry where she managed all aspects of media relations, public relations, membership, and corporate communications. Maura is also a frequent instructor for professional students from Guangxi China through Kaplan University.


Edward H. Arnold (Chairman)
Edward H. Arnold is the Chairman of The Susquehanna Valley Center. He retired as chair of Arnold Logistics, a transportation and logistics company.

Lincoln A. Warrell (Secretary/Treasurer)
Lincoln A. Warrell is Chairman of The Warrell Corporation based in Camp Hill, PA and The Warrell Foundation in Carlisle, PA

Robert S. Walker
Robert S. Walker is Executive Chairman of Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates, a Washington, DC government affairs firm. He previously served as a U.S. Congressman from Lancaster and Chester County for 20 years.

James A. Deitch
James A. Deitch is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Teraverde.

Jere Strittmatter
Jere Strittmatter is a Senior Associate at Jere Strittmatter Associates, in Lancaster, PA and also a former State Representative from Lancaster County.

Don Bishop
Don Bishop is President and CEO of Affinigent, Inc., an Internet technology development company in York, Pennsylvania.

David N. Taylor
David N. Taylor is President of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association (PMA).

Keith Hite
R. Keith Hite is Vice President of Government Relations at Blackford Ventures and is the former Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.