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Shapiro in Wonderland – Down The Rabbit Hole in Harrisburg?

By Dr. Charles Greenawalt Recently in The Philadelphia Inquirer, a former staffer in the Casey Administration, displayed a lively imagination in proposing to rewrite the Pennsylvania Constitution.  As time passes in the Biden Era, we see an increasing number of politicians and political pundits who delight in reshaping government constitutions, laws, institutions, and practices to […]

Time To Close Philadelphia’s Mass Tort Complex And Put An End To Litigation Tourism

By Tiger Joyce and Curt Schroder For a long time, Philadelphia has held the infamous title of “Judicial Hellhole” due to its courts’ reputations for luring out-of-state plaintiffs and opportunistic lawyers who file lawsuits and win large settlements. That reputation is largely due to Philly’s Complex Litigation Center (CLC), created in 1992 to handle complex […]

Let’s Work Together To Connect All Pennsylvanians

By Todd Eachus, Broadband Communications Association of Pennsylvania   In a world increasingly driven by digital connectivity, access to the internet is no longer a luxury – it is a fundamental necessity that allows Pennsylvanians to communicate, learn, work, socialize, and access essential services. The COVID-19 pandemic only magnified the challenges faced by those in […]

Return to venue shopping in medical lawsuits already taking toll

A return to the no-good old days when plaintiffs’ lawyers were given wide latitude in where they could file medical malpractice lawsuits has been in effect for only six months, and already health care providers and civil justice reformers have seen enough. The return of venue, or forum, “shopping” has quickly resulted in a spike […]

MAGA or Die: Two Routes To The Future

By Congressman Bob Walker The term Maga has become the subject of attack and derision by the Democrats. Maga stands for Make America Great Again. Do they not want the nation to be great? Is there something about America which creates such scorn? Perhaps the answer lies in what they do promote—diversity, inclusion and equity. […]

Township Supervisors Work To Make Communities Better

By David M. Sanko   You may read about them in the newspaper, run into them in the supermarket, or even see them patching potholes, mowing along local roads, or plowing snow in the winter.    They’re your township supervisors and staff, and while you might not know all of them personally, these public servants […]

Pennsylvania Can Be A Leader In Natural Gas Production

By Greg Moreland Nothing gets done without energy. From powering computers, credit card machines, or heavy manufacturing machinery to providing the electricity needed for heat, air conditioning, or lighting, to creating buildings, furniture, and office supplies to fueling trucks to deliver, energy is the common denominator that sets our world in motion. There is a […]

Want Transparency? Give Townships A Choice For Providing Public Notices

By David Sanko       This is Sunshine Week in Pennsylvania, a time devoted to recognizing the importance of government transparency. The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) has long supported the state’s Sunshine Law and has even published a guide for its members to encourage compliance with the law.   Over the […]

Pro-Growth Policies Can Ease Budget Challenges

By State Senator Scott Martin Although Pennsylvania’s financial position appears to be strong in the current fiscal year, the commonwealth’s budgetary outlook in future years is not nearly so rosy. In November, the nonpartisan Independent Fiscal Office forecast structural imbalances in the state budget of between $1.5 billion and $3.1 billion every year from 2024 […]

Pennsylvania Has A Growing Crisis In Recruitment, Retention Of Police Officers

By David Kennedy   As Pennsylvania families gather around their dinner tables, I hope they’ll say a small prayer for the three Pennsylvania police officers we’ve already lost this year: Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire, McKeesport Police Officer Sean Sluganski and Temple University Officer Christopher Fitzgerald. McIntire, Sluganski and Fitzgerald made the ultimate sacrifice. They are heroes. It’s in their memory […]