MAGA or Die: Two Routes To The Future

By Congressman Bob Walker

The term Maga has become the subject of attack and derision by the Democrats. Maga stands for Make America Great Again. Do they not want the nation to be great? Is there something about America which creates such scorn?

Perhaps the answer lies in what they do promote—diversity, inclusion and equity. The Democrats and the Biden Administration call it DEI. But transpose two of the letters and it more credibly describes their real objectives—DIE. The things being offered as our national route to the future are the very opposite of what has made America great for nearly 250 years.

Bottom of Form

The fundamental founding documents for our nation are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with its first ten amendments. The Declaration declared how basic individual rights do not come from rulers but are, in equal measure, gifts from our Creator. Furthermore, it declares that role of government is to protect those rights. The Constitution organized a form of governance most likely to keep power in the hands of the governed. The first major action under that Constitution was the attachment of the Bill of Rights specifying what individual rights were sacrosanct.

All of those foundations of our democracy are now under attack by those schooled in Marxist ideology. They would have us believe that our guiding principles are outdated, racist and unsuited to global acceptance. They have spent years fine-tuning their beliefs in academia, political dialogue, corporate boardrooms. revolutionary activity and even in religious practice. They have purposely debased the culture by making morality fungible in fields like entertainment and education. They have weakened fundamental institutional strengths. And they have allied us with international movements whose ambition is to pull the United States out of its world leadership role.

Why? Because Marxism is a belief in the collective, not the individual. All good in their ideology lies what we are forced to do together, not in what free individuals can build for themselves that ends up benefiting the whole. It is the philosophy of the Biden Administration in its focus on diversity, inclusion and equity. Those words sound like concepts with which we are all familiar. In reality, they are not.

Diversity sounds like the good old American philosophy of being the “melting pot” of all ethnicities into one unified nation. But the Biden practice is one of division. Groups are chosen by Government edict to fall into one of several categories. People are advantaged or disadvantaged based on the grouping into which they fall. Imagine that a political party which once called itself the “party of science” now refuses to accept the immutable science of two genders. Even their candidates for Federal Court nominations cannot bring themselves to recognize that fact. Diversity has victimized millions, mostly women, all in pursuit of conquering by dividing.

Inclusion seems to imply a commitment to our tradition of embracing all who are prepared to work toward attainment of their own dreams. We have not always been true to ourselves in keeping that commitment, but it is recognized by the downtrodden all across the world as the American Dream. However, the Biden version of inclusion is actually exclusion. Millions of immigrants have entered the country over the last three years without the documentation necessary to be included and in a manner that has put many of them at the mercy of criminal cartels. They may bring their dreams, but their lack of legal standing has subjected hundreds of thousands to some of the worst horrors imaginable. The Biden practice of inclusion is not the welcoming arms of the Statue of Liberty, but all too often, an invitation to live hiding in deprivation and depravity.

Equity is used by the Biden team as meaning the same as equality. In fact, equity has no relationship to equality. Equality implies the pursuit of opportunity and achievement of success based upon the effort expended. It is the essence of the American success story. Equity is the opposite. Under equity, society must seek to assure everyone arrives at the same place regardless of effort. Under the Biden program, people are being denied recognition for their contributions of hard work and effort in order not to appear to leave others behind. What happens to an America where everyone does just enough to please the government or please whoever or whatever pays them in the private sector? It fails.

It fails. What has made the American success story, dies. The Biden Administration’s reckless spending and its feckless national security policy have brought us to the brink of economic collapse and the loss of international leadership. But maybe they have told us from the outset what their real agenda for the country is. DIE

Congressman Bob Walker is a member of the Susquehanna Valley Center Board of Directors and previously served in the US Congress from 1977 to 1997.

The views expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy.

Nothing contained here should be considered as an attempt to aid or hinder the passage of any legislation.